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Farid Alan Schintzius

Lets start calling and trying to schedule OB GYN exams with all these politicians at their offices.... they are practicing medicine after all

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Shelley Napier

The last time Virginia mandated a medical procedure was in 1924, when it mandated the compulsory sterilization of "the feeble minded". That was a disgusting part of Virginia history.
Now in 2012, Virginia is making infamous history again. Governor of Virginia will go in history ash having mandated a forced medical procedure on the citizens of Virginia.This is shameful government intrusion. It is time to get very serious about insuring that there will be candidates that will announce that they support a woman's right to choose. I, for one, will be working diligently to ensure that women are represented by sane, thinking people. We will no longer elect people that will vote for an ideology that seriously infringes on women's rights. We will work to ensure that our representatives understand separation of Church and State.


The Governor obviously has a low opinion of women as he signed this the day prior to International Women's Day. It's amazing how he does not give women the credit to make their own informed decisions. This is a sad state of affairs - if this approach continues, I will do everything to prepare my children to not live in Virginia once they become adults.

Chris Astle

It's sad that the Religious Right has gotten control of the Virginia House and Senate, and Governor's Mansion. We liberals and moderates must work hard before the next election to bring forth viable candidates to defeat these misguided people.

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