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Tully Mars

So supporting the Affordable Care Act constitutes a slippery slope to a "nanny" state? What do you call the state getting between a woman and her doctor and mandating unnecessary medical tests? Or what do you call it when a Republican State Representative in Arizona wants to mandate that a woman SEE an abortion before she has one.

These students have every right to get together and have a say in what their government does and does not do. And many of these students work and pay bills and taxes. And I'm sorry you have such a negative view of the young people today. IT must be so tiring to constantly get your hate on.

And does that "silver platter" extend to the entitlements that oil companies get?"

louis vuitton

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Tom Clark

The students at CNU who are organizing the rally on Thursday in support of Obamacare are great examples of America's deteriorating position on the slippery slope into nanny-state socialism. We've been on this path since the 1930's and it is eroding the principles upon which this great nation was founded: equal opportunity, not equal outcome. We are supposed to earn what we get, not be handed it on a silver platter. These students apparently have been handed too much as they were growing up and expect more, and more, and more. Where will it all end? There are a couple of current examples in Europe..... we'll join them soon if we don't take hold of things and get back on track.


Nonsense. But, hey, their parents' policies are paying for it. Get that second MA. It'll pay off eventually. No need to hurry up and graduate.

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