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I did not file 2005 federal taxes and i received tax detail from the IRS?
but i can not find my W2's for 2005 can i just use the information from the IRS tax detail form and file. The only thing different is the IRS has me as single and I was not single and i have 2 children plus a husband who did not work. If not do i need to contact my previous employer.

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although tax increases does give some boost to country's GDP but there are some other issues needs to be considered before any tax increment;what will be the effect on country's economy,which class & how many people will be benefited from this rise of tax,what will be the impact on international trading etc.

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In typical fashion we are told a 1% surcharge, but in actual fact it is close to a 20% increase in what we the people would pay in taxes. For example if you paid $500 in state income tax, the so called 1% surcharge would raise your taxes to almost $600. However in typical fashion our politicians say, hey it only went from 5.75% to 6.75%, therefore it is small. Go back to math class to learn what the real % increase is. I would bet a lot if it was lowered from 6.75% to 5.75% we would be told it was almost a 20% reduction. SHAME on you Mr. Kaine

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