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Neil  B  ♪

RJP, you are wrong about the reason for the drop in oil prices. Instead, the speculation-driven bubble popped along with the housing market and went down in the big economic mudslide. The price of oil creeps back up as demand increases. That's why a tax on gas would reduce demand and save money in the long run. We can offset by reducing other taxes, to make revenue neutral. Bob McDonnell is too dumb or ideological to see that.

As for drilling: Look at sites on a case by case basis. It makes no more sense to say we should drill all of them than to say we shouldn't drill any.

R J Pinkerton

Joe you leftist blow hard. We have over 350 oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico right now and we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the same area. Not to mention the best fishing, diving etc. So how is allowing less than 25 oil well off the cost of Virginia going to turn our beaches black???????
And as for dropping the price of oil. The mere mention of the US drilling for more oil dropped the pricesw for crude from 130 dollars a barrel to below 75.

English Major

Joe, you really need to use spell check.


Bob McDonnell and his friends. How are they going do fine $6 billion in saving in the state budget? Sell all the ABC store and fire all the employees. Set up tolls on the interstates and privatize roads. And they call that good for Virginians. As long as your don't work at the ABC store or have land where someone wants to build a road and charger you to use it . And what about the cost of tolls on small businesses near the North Carolina line that use the interstate. Isn't that the same as raising tax on them. And if it on just the interstate what happens to the local roads the are close to the state line and the interstate when everyone get off the interstate to miss the tolls. But he wants to make the state a better place for business, Virginia is the best state in the country for business now. How are you going feel when you wake up one day and the beaches in Virginia Beach is black with oil? That will create cleanup jobs. You do know that oil is sold on the open world market, and don't make it any cheaper being from the USA. Only the oil companies are going make money. There wasn't a shortage of oil last year when gas praises was high. Thing here in Virginia are going get better here in Virginia but I don't think it be because of Bob McDonnell and his Friends.

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