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This of course on the same day that the Washington Post (completely in Deeds pocket) released their newest poll showing him 9 points down, and if you read the internals they are even worse. But old Joe says it is "winnable" and looks at the NJ race. Of course what he fails to mention is that there is an Independent running in the NJ race that is pulling those fiscal conservative/social liberals away from Christie - no such luck for Deeds. But back to the WaPo poll, internals show that by an OVERWHELMING margin people care little about the thesis - so Deeds and all his followers might want to find a new theme, like, say a transportation or job creation plan?

James McLean

Wake up Virginia! We dont need any more Obama,Pelosi,Biden,Reed yes people..If they be Domocrat..They gonna support Democrat agenda. They play games to get your vote.

J. Tyler Ballance

We had VP Joe Biden at J. Sargeant Reynolds a few weeks ago. It is unfortunate that the VP is routinely the subject of derision, regardless of who holds the office. In the case of Mr. Biden, he impressed those in attendance at JSR with his positive spirit and grasp of the economic issues faced by the typical American worker.

Mr. Biden had some kind words for Mr. Deeds and it would be wonderful for him to make more appearances along with Mr. Deeds all across Virginia.

The citizens need to understand that Mr. McDonnell, while pleasant and photogenic, does the bidding of religious extremist, Pat Robertson and the multinational corporations.

Creigh Deeds will keep the big boys honest and will always go to bat for Virginia's working man. If you want Virginia to get back on the road to economic recovery, then Creigh Deeds is the logical choice.

If you don't mind more Virginia jobs outsourced to China, then Mr. McDonnell is your boy.

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