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The Amazon Gold Box

The Amazon Gold Box

For years, one of the best deals on the entire web could be found daily at Amazon. The world's biggest, and probably best retailer featured one, usually very popular item in this deal, and always at a hot price that most others couldn't come close to. For just 24 hours, you had a shot at snagging an Xbox One, a pair of name brand jeans, an MP3 player or even a massage chair at a fantastic, one day only price.

So what's changed? Well, around Black Friday of 2014, we started to see MORE THAN ONE of these hot deals. We saw the "main" Gold Box deal with one or more "Bonus Gold Box Deals" also available. So we were now treated to multiple Gold Box deals at hot prices.

So check out the Gold Box Deal/s of the day for a one time shot at a hot price. You never know what you'll find there, or how many great deals you'll see. For one day only.

Take a look at one or more of the best deals of the web in one of the best deals on the web - the Amazon Gold Box.


The New Black Friday Central!

The New Black Friday Central!

You could chalk it up to boredom, I suppose. But after roughly eleven years of saving folks money in crazytown, we had a thought. Instead of working on our sister site only during the holidays, why not bring folks the hottest deals all year long there as well? After all, the web is full of hot deals are year long.

And so we bring you the new, improved, open all year long blackfridaycentral. It features informative articles about all sorts of shopping topics, reviews of some of our favorite products, tips on how to save, and my personal favorite, the very best HDTV deals from around the web.

Don't worry, we're not changing a thing at crazytown. You'll still find the very best deals, updated multiple times daily, in a single, easy to follow one page stream.

But for the things we think we can bring to our shoppers that won't fit on our smaller site, come take a look at our new venue that brings you Black Friday deals every day of the year.




Woot! Woot!

Woot! Woot!

The exclamation mark is part of their name. That should tell you something about one of our favorite places to shop. It's not just full of great deals, but actually fun to shop at. Though they have funny item descriptions that often say little or NOTHING about the item, they do feature product specifications if you're interested. Even the e-mails they send us every day are funny.

In other words, Woot is the rare shopping site that doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Except when it comes to their prices. Luckily for all of us their prices are nothing to laugh at. Many times this year we've found the best price on a popular item at Woot. Shipping is $5, but you're unlikely to care because we've seem them beat even Amazon often enough on price, sometimes by as much as 40%.

The catch, you ask? Their deals don't last long. It's just not that kind of place. Whether the deal is on a popular tablet, a batting cage, a cookware set, or even a case of Merlot (yes, really), Woot's best Woots (that's what they call their hottest deals) often come and go within a short time. A deal may be advertised as "valid for 3 days" but almost always include the following..."or until sold out."

That means you have to pull the trigger quickly if you want in on a hot Woot (great, now I'm doing it too.)

Where should you look for their best deals? At the top of each page at the site, they're divided in these categories...



Get your Groupon Part II


Get your Groupon Part II

So it's Friday, and you have plans for the weekend. Or maybe you don't, but you'd like to get out and do something. But what, exactly? Maybe a movie? Dinner with friends? How about some family fun at a theme park? Or maybe a nice relaxing massage?

What we love most about Groupon is that they have discounts on all of that great stuff. Whether you're looking for a discount on lunch in Chicago, a bargain on a facial in Colorado Springs, or cheap tickets to Colonial Williamsburg, odds are you'll find your savings at our favorite "social" site.

Heck, you can pretty much plan your day, weekend, or entire vacation at Groupon. For just one example, Type "Orlando" in the Location box at the site, and you'll see what we mean. You could rent a condo for $82 per night, grab a $7 lunch at a Brazilian restaurant, and save a bunch on tickets to petting zoos, bowling and numerous other fun activities. Imagine getting a discount on practically everything you do on a seven day stay. Big savings, to be sure.

What's that, you already know that groupon saves you on fun stuff to do? Well, how about stuff you want to buy?

In the past few years, Groupon Goods has become more and more active in the retail business as well. You'll now find everything from designer handbags to nutritional supplements on sale there. In fact, a number of the best deals we've seen in the past few months have been at Groupon Goods. To give you an idea, here are just a few items we've found at BEST EVER prices in 2015 so far.

Little Big Planet 3, Big Boss Insta Mop, Able Planet Noise Cancelling Headphones, 5lb. MuscleTech Premium Whey Protein Plus, GoPro Hero4 Camera, TRX Suspension Trainer Basic Kit, iRobot Braava 321, Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Samsung Galaxy Mega 16GB 4G LTE Smartphone, ProSonic GLOW Cleansing Brush Set, Sol Republic x Motorola Speaker...

And that's just two months worth! They're beyond competitive, and shipping is cheap on most items, and free if you spend just $24.99.

Whether you're looking for something great to do, or something great to buy, we think you should get your Groupon. And get it often.





Savvy Best TV Deals

Hdtv deal


Savvy Best TV Deals

In case you didn't know this, we're big fans of home entertainment. After all, what's better than staying home, keeping your money, and curling up with a great movie on a big screen HDTV with surround sound enveloping your ears? Nothing. So here are the best TV deals we've seen this week from our hundreds of affiliate partners. They're all active as of 2/14, but they could sell out at any time...

Samsung UN50H5203 50" LED HDTV for just $549.99 with free shipping from Groupon.
This one's a bit of a surprise because we don't normally find hot TV deals from them. It's a back-lit LED with 1080p Smart TV with Smart Hub at a hot price.

Samsung UN60H6350 60" Smart LED HDTV for $899.99 shipped from PC Richard.
120Hz Refresh Rate, 1080p, Built-In WiFi, 4 HDMI Inputs, Quad Core & Full Web Browser.

LG 55LB6300 55" 120Hz Smart LED TV $699.00 with free shipping from Amazon.
120Hz (Native); Motion Clarity Index: 600 (Effective). WebOS, Includes Magic Remote.

Samsung PN60F5300 60" 1080p Plasma HDTV at BuyDig for just $699.00 with free shipping.
The price won't drop until final checkout.
Anti-Reflection Clear Image Panel. 600 Hz Subfield Motion. ConnectShare Movie via USB Connection.

LG 50LB6300 50" 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV for $580.00 shipped at Amazon.
A very nice bargain considering the quality. 120Hz Refresh Rate, LED Back-lit. Also includes LG's very cool Magic Remote.

More HOT HDTV deals at Amazon.com

Still lots of great deals to be had out there folks! For all the hottest deals throughout the day, check out our sister site crazytowndeals.com!



The Best Deals of the Day!


The Best Deals of the Day!

Every day, hundreds of sites offer great prices on one or more items in some form of "Deal of the Day" offer. Whether you're looking for running shoes or power tools, you'll find great deals on all sorts of stuff if you know who has the best of these one day deals. And so without further froofrah (is that a word?) here is our list of ten very reputable vendors whose websites we check at the start of our day, every day.

1SaleaDay - A site devoted to daily deals. The deals span categories from electronics to sporting goods, and the prices are often hot.

Amazon - While their Gold Box Deal of the Day once meant a single deal at a huge discount, Amazon now typically features more than one great daily deal. While there is no way to know what kind of merchandise you'll find there on any given day, the Gold Box is our most highly recommended daily deal because the prices are often fantastically low.

Best Buy - You'll see it once, for 24 hours or until it sells out. It can be a remote start for your car, a video game console, or maybe an HDTV. Regardless, the discount is usually large.

Ebay - Their Daily Deals rank high on our list for hot prices, especially on electronics. On any given day, you'll find large, one day price drops on gadgets like iPods, Microsoft Surface Tablets, laptops and much more. Ebay sells them through third party sellers, and gives you feedback ratings so that you know who you're dealing with.

Groupon - Activities have been their main foocus from the beginning. You can snag tickets to all sorts of fun activities for less, including theme parks, movies, even discounts on massages and dining. But they've expanded their "Goods" section and now feature excellent prices on everything from bed sheets to gaming consoles.

Joe's New Balance Outlet - For one day only, you'll find a pair of quality athletic shoes for ladies or gents at a deep discount. From New Balance cross-trainers to trail runners, there's a very good deal pretty much every day waiting for you at Joe's.

Sears - They call it their "Deal Heist," and it's more like a bunch of great deals on a variety of items. Our favorites are frequently on tools, most likely from Craftsman, and at prices that meet or beat the best prices anywhere else. Items like Nordictrack workout machines are also featured there pretty regularly.

Shnoop - One hot deal every day. Simple as that. One day it's a multi-pack of batteries, another day it's an Oral-B toothbrush...you never what they'll have. But just about every time we check it, the price is hot.

Woot - Need an electric scooter? How about a new set of cookware? Woot has great brands like Kitchenaid, GoPro, Samsung and more at hot prices, and their daily deals encompass everything from Monster Headphones to a quality Toilet Seat (yes, a toilet seat) at hot prices. Add $5 shipping on any order and you'll save at Woot with their Daily Deal, every darned day.




5 Reasons You Should Get Your Clothing at Amazon!




5 Reasons You Should Get Your Clothing at Amazon

1.) Huge variety - Whether you're looking for high-end apparel like Armani, or quality budget brands like Duck, the sheer variety of clothing for men, women and children available at Amazon is second to none. Amazon sells everything from $500 crocodile leather loafers to $7 skinny jeans.

2.) Amazon prices - On any given day, their prices are often at or near the lowest web price you'll find. But they get even lower when they feature...

3.) Daily and Weekly Deals - This is when the best deals happen. The Daily Amazon Gold Box often features big discounts on apparel for 24 hours only. For example, we've seen everything from Lucky Brand Jeans at 50% off the lowest price anywhere else, to Disney Children's apparel starting at $2. No that's not a typo. Disney clothing starting at $2.

4.) Big name brands - Maybe you see a Hugo Boss shirt or a pair of gorgeous Cole Haan oxfords in a store, and want to buy them, but don't like the exhorbitant price tag. That's where Amazon really excels. They often feature the chic names of the fashion world in some of their best deals. Even Gucci bags have popped up at unheard of prices. That's right, Gucci.

5.) Free shipping with Amazon Prime or orders over $35 - For $99 per year, you get a million (more or less) benefits when you use Amazon's Prime service. Our favorite is free two day shipping on tons of items, so that if you see a shirt that costs $14 you don't have to get your in cart total over $35 to get it delivered to your home. Even better, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of Prime pretty much at any time. See the item, do a trial, get free shipping, keep Prime or cancel it. Win + win, right?

Of course, all of this is backed by Amazon's legendary customer service. If the item gets to your home and doesn't fit, or you just don't like it anymore, they'll be more than happy to take it back. Their staff are as customer friendly as anywhere on Earth, and they have the awards (year after year) to prove it.

If you aren't familiar with Amazon,  you can sign up for a 30-day FREE trial and enjoy FREE shipping.

Women's Clothing & Accessories are on Sale. Save up 75% off or more!

Baby Clothing & Accessories 71% off this week!

Hot Clothing deals for men. Save up to 78% this week. I purchased my awesome Calvin Klein Jacket at Amazon!




The Amazon Prime Pantry!

Amazon-Pantry savvy shopper


The Amazon Prime Pantry!

For more than a year, Amazon has taken steps toward attracting grocery shoppers by offering some of the best discounts we've ever seen on everything from bathroom tissue to healthy snacks for the kids. They have done this with a combination of "Clippable Coupons" you click under the item picture combine with their popular Subscribe and Save service which discounts your purchase by 5%, and more importantly free shipping regardless of how much you spend.

To give you an idea just how big these combined discounts can be, here are just a few of our favorite Amazon grocery deals from the past week or so:

1.) 24 Rolls of Scott Towel Mega Roll Paper Towels $18.69 after coupon and S&S Service.

2.) Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment Easy-to-Use Foam for $27.99 after $10 off coupon and S&S Service.

3.) 12-Pack Chicken of the Sea Premium Wild-Caught Pink Salmon, Skinless and Boneless for $10.74 with S&S Service.

4.) Huggies Simply Clean Fragrance Free Baby Wipes Refill (648 Count) for $10.37

5.) Scott Extra Soft Double Roll Tissue (9 Count, Pack of 4) for $14.65 after coupon and S&S Service.

The biggest advantage of the Subscribe and Save Service is that while you are signing up for a monthly delivery of a product, you can cancel delivery immediately after your first order ships. This means that you get the 5% discount (though we have seen bigger discounts on select items) and free shipping even if you only order the item one time. If you sign up for the Amazon Mom program, your discount is frequently 20% off on baby items in addition to any coupon which may be available.

Furthering their reputation as "the everything store" even more, Amazon now introduces the Amazon Pantry.

The design of this new program allows Amazon Prime members to receive up to 45 pounds of grocery products for just $6. But don't think you have to calculate the weight yourself. All you do is sign in to your Prime account and head to the "Pantry." From there you click on "Start Filling Your Prime Grocery Box" to do just that. As you add items, an icon will appear and tell you what percentage of your box has been filled. An informative video is currently available at the Pantry to help you get started.

As we find combined discounts, we'll post the best of them on our site. Of course, Every day, you'll find all the best deals from Amazon and around the web at Crazytowndeals.com.


Amazon Pantry!! (Hot Link!)



Amazon Black Friday, Sears Black Friday, Walmart Black Friday Deals NOW!


Black Friday begins today 11/21 for Amazon.com. For 8 days in a row, Amazon will offer (3) Deals of the Day.
Here are some of the items with prices you will see coming up.
Bookmark our link and check it as often as you can Savvy Shoppers

  • 32-inch LED TV $79
  • 40-inch 1080p LED TV $119
  • Toshiba 50-inch LED TV $199
  • Roku LT Streaming Media Player $28
  • Panasonic Smart 3D Blu-Ray Player $35
  • Samsung 55-inch Smart LED 4K Ultra HD TV $899



Many Black Friday prices are live now! Big deals BEFORE the big day on everything from toys, electronics, apparel, and more at Walmart.com! Don't forget, your shoppers can always enjoy free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. Samples...

  • Madden NFL 15 (PS4 or Xbox One) $29.96!
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster $29.88!
  • Element ELEFW408 40" 1080p 60Hz Direct-Lit LED HDTV $115
    (In store pick up)!
  • Samsung UN40H5003AFXZA 40" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV $297.99!
  • PlayStation 4 Choice of Console w/ Bonus $50 GC (PS4) $399 - $449!
  • Samsung Silver 11.6" Chromebook PC with BONUS $50 Walmart Gift Card Bundle $199!

Sears is having a Pre-Black Friday Sale today. Shipping is free. Here are a few items we like.

  • Craftsman 22" 179cc Dual-Stage Snowthrower $399
  • NordicTrack C900i Treadmill $600
  • KitchenAid Professional Plus 5 qt. Stand Mixer $200

Don't forget to check out www.CrazyTownDeals.com daily for hot black Friday deals.


Hot Stackable Kohl's Promo codes! Extra 25% off Clearance + 30% off Coupon w/ Kohl's Charge Card + FREE Shipping




All three of these promo codes are stackable. We tested it on a $5 t-shirt and paid less than $2 shipped.

I wonder sometimes how Kohl's makes money with hot deals like this. Ok, follow our directions below and get ready to save.

Kohls.com wants you to take an Extra 25% off select women, men, kids' and juniors' Clearance items w/ promo code CLEARANCE25

Combine w/ 30% off promo code TRICK30 if you have a Kohl's Charge Card and stackable free shipping coupon FREE4MVC

Ridiculous savings!!! 

For more hot deals like this head to www.CrazyTownDeals.com




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