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Extra 30% off NCAA Clothing On sale at Kohl's w/ Charge Card (Sweatshirts as low as $11)

Updated Kohl's links below!

Hot Clearance deals at Kohl's (updated)

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We mentioned this a few times already today, but we are going to say again. We love to shop at Kohl's. We really really really really like to shop at Kohl's when they send us a coupon or two. This week we have two coupons to use if you have a Kohl's Charge Card. Combine that with this insane Kohl's NCAA Clothing Sale and we are talking big savings.

$10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend 3/6-3/10 

NCAA Clothing on sale at Kohls.com
Use Kohl's 30% off Code SHOPNSAVE and stackable Kohl's Free Shipping Coupon WESHIPFREE

You must have a Kohl's Charge Card to be able to use these two coupons. The coupons above run through 3/13. Prices below are after coupon codes are applied.

$10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend 3/6-3/10

Here are just a few of MANY we found on sale.

  • Wisconsin Badgers Straight Logo Fleece Hoodie (Reg $50) $10.50
  • Ohio State Buckeyes Blindside Fleece Hoodie (Reg $60) $12.60
  • Penn State Nittany Lions Blindside Fleece Hoodie (Reg $60) $12.60
  • Nike North Carolina Tar Heels Therma-FIT KO Hoodie Boys 8-20 (Reg $50) $14
  • Maryland Terrapins Bootleg Pullover Fleece Hoodie (Reg $55) $11.55
  • adidas Notre Dame Fighting Irish Fleece Hoodie - Boys 4-7 (Reg $36) $7.56
  • Florida State Seminoles Blindside Fleece Hoodie (Reg $60) $12.60
  • Nike Texas Longhorns Jersey - Toddler (Reg $40) $8.40
  • Nike Kentucky Wildcats Victory Performance Jacket (Reg $75) $23.65
  • Virginia Tech Hokies Yukon Jacket (Reg $100) $21
  • Virginia Tech Hokies Bootleg Pullover Fleece Hoodie (Reg $55) $11.55

    We found hundreds of NCAA items on sale at Kohl's, unfortunately we cannot post them all!






Kohls.com - This offer is for those of you that have Kohl's Charge Cards. Big savings once again! Valid 3/6 - 3/13

  • Take 30% off your order with promo code SHOPNSAVE
  • Free shipping with stackable promo code WESHIPFREE

    $10 Kohl's Cash for every $50 you spend 3/6-3/10 





    Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!

    Coupon click


    My Mother told me that she doesn't shop online because she loves using coupons. I felt obligated to inform her that coupons have been prevalent on the web for quite some time. And the best part is that you'll never get a paper cut "clipping" a coupon online. Taking advantage of an online coupon is one of the easier things to do on your computer. If you can copy the coupon and paste it in to a box, you'll get the discount. Before I could explain this to Mom, I saw that she was smiling innocently, and I realized that I was looking at the one person on Earth who would never shop online. So I surrendered and kissed her on the cheek.

    On our site, we regularly post coupon codes for all sorts of great retailers. This week we feature a 50% off Clearance Coupon for Nautica, a 70% off Clearance Coupon from Lane Bryant, Coupons that get you cheap magazine subscriptions, a 15% off Coupon for Kohl's, and many more. But our favorites lately have come from Amazon, where no coupon code is required.

    This week alone, we've highlighted very low prices from Amazon on dish Liquid, Dove Face Care products, Cheer Detergent, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and more. The deals change daily, but we are finding very good ones every day. The Subscribe & Save Service there saves you even more, giving you an additional 5% discount and automatic free shipping with no minimum required. There is no code to copy and paste to use a coupon at Amazon. You simply scroll down on the item page and click the "Clip this Coupon" link to get your extra discount.

    So bookmark Crazytowndeals.com and check back often to save on everything from apparel to trash bags. Your wallet and your fingers will thank you!


    Amazon coupon

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    http://huludeals.com/category/free_trials/ (Fee Hulu Plus Deals)


    If I had to do it all over again.....

    There isn’t much I would change about my wedding day.  After almost ten years of marriage I’m sure there are certain things I would do differently because things change over a decade.  Styles evolve, new trends emerge and tastes can change.  But for the most part everything was really nice.  But if I truly had it to do all over again, I probably would have taken the money and ran!  My parents graciously paid for my wedding, but offered to let me use that money elsewhere if we just wanted to have a small destination wedding instead.  Knowing what I know now (and being in the wedding industry has probably jaded me) and being more practical I probably would have jumped on the opportunity.  Not that weddings shouldn’t be celebrated and enjoyed, but the amount of money wasted on frivolous things could really be much better spent! 

    But as long as little girls dream of their fairytale weddings and the industry continues to grow, flourish and dominate the media, money will be spent on lavish events.  Hopefully, the next generation of brides will learn to be smart with their spending and won’t go in to debt to pull off a dream wedding.  Maybe the eco-friendly wedding trend will take off and brides will pay more attention to the environmental consequences of their choices. And maybe, just maybe, brides will begin to cherish the reason behind the big party and work harder on their actual marriage than they
    do on planning their wedding.  Wishful thinking?


    Don't over-accessorize your wedding look

    It’s all about the dress, right?  So why do so many brides want to take attention away from themselves and their beautiful gowns by wearing too much, too big and too gaudy jewelry and accessories?  There’s no doubt about it; there is such a thing as too much bling!  Sure, it’s all about your individual style and personality, but try not to go overboard with your jewels.  A simple, unadorned gown may look fantastic with a fancy beaded belt and matching necklace, but don’t feel the need to wear it all.  A tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet and belt may be overdoing it.  Choose the pieces that complement your gown, not compete with it.

    If you’ve chosen a highly ornate gown with a lot of beading, embroidery or lace, you may want to skip a lot of accessories all together.  Maybe a nice chandelier earring if your hair is pulled back.  But a bare neck may be in order so as not to overshadow the details of the gown.  You want to shine on your wedding day, but you don’t want to blind your guests!  Remember the adage; sometimes less is more.


    What to do when the party (wedding) is over!

    Congratulations!  You’re married!  Hopefully it was as magical as you always dreamed and your months of planning came off without a hitch.  While you bask in the glow of married life and slowly return to normalcy, there are a few things you should ensure happen to “close out” your wedding.

    First, make sure all your vendors have been paid.  You probably took care of all the deposits and final payments before the wedding, but if you owe any outstanding balances, be sure they are paid promptly. Next, return any items that you may have borrowed.  Maybe your best friend loaned you her veil for the ceremony or your aunt let you wear her heirloom pearls.  Make sure you give them back promptly so they don’t have to track you down. 

    Don’t forget to send thank you notes promptly.  Be sure to keep a list of who gave what as you open the gifts so you can easily jot off notes to all those  who attended the wedding.  Also, get your gown cleaned as soon as possible.  Stains that are not set in are much easier to remove, so the sooner you take it to your drycleaner, the better!

    Finally, if you are changing your name, make sure to contact all the necessary agencies to do so.  You can easily find a list online.  Start with DMV, but don’t forget all your other accounts.  You’ve been practicing your married signature for months…now’s the time to make it official!


    In case of emergency...

    Weddings have lots of components.  There are florists, caterers, musicians, cake bakers, venue coordinators, and so on.  With so many parts coming together to make one function happen, there’s bound to be a glitch or two. Not to mention family and wedding party members who don’t
    always follow your plans or show up on time.  You cannot control everything and the sooner you accept that all your hard work may not come together flawlessly, the better off you will be.  Always be prepared with back-up plans or be ready to adapt when things don’t go your way.  Limo drivers get stuck in traffic, bridesmaids go in to early labor, flower girls refuse to walk down the aisle, and cakes get delivered to the wrong location.  S*** happens!

    Your best preparation can often be just being prepared for things to go wrong.  If they don’t, great!  But having the right attitude and realizing it is not the end of the world if the florist gives you white roses instead of red could save your sanity.  Remember; it could always be worse.  Just think of all
    the poor brides who had weddings literally washed away during Hurricane Sandy last week. 

    Another smart option: find your calmest, smartest and most organized friend and put them in charge of any last minute calamities.  Having a trusted source to make problems go away and keep them from you on your wedding day can be the best wedding gift of all.


    Kindle 3.0 (Kindle Fire HD) ((New Kindles just in time for Christmas!))



    Kindle 3.0

    Actually, it's official name is Kindle Fire HD. But it's hard not to think that this shiny new device introduced by Amazon recently is more of an upgrade from the Kindle Fire than a unique, original piece of technology, isn't it? After all, it looks alot like the last Kindle Fire, plays movies, books, and completes the task of being an ereader (that was it's original "purpose", remember?) like the last Kindle Fire, and gives you access to tons of Amazon's content you can play on it - just like the last Fire. But the more we look at it, the more we think the new Kindle Fire HD is a true original, and is about to shake up the world of tablets in a big way.

    We figure when Jeff Bezos writes a letter, we should read it. And we did. You can read it yourself at Amazon, of course. In it, he introduces us to the new Kindle Fire HD in all of it's glory, and the man who built the world's best place to shop online gives us all of the reasons we should Pre-order one now. What we found most interesting though is that he also says the new device "isn't just the best tablet for the price, it's the best tablet." When the original Fire was released, the company was clear to point out that it was not meant to compete with the iPad. Clearly, the man in charge thinks this one can, and if the sale of the original Fire is any indication, it will.

    We will leave the side by side comparisons to those more technologically savvy, but we can't help but think that the new Kindle Fire HD, which tops out at a relatively low $599 for the 64GB version (compared to $829 for the most expensive iPad with similar specs) is about to give Apple's much heralded device a serious run for it's money. Amazon's now well established history as not only a retailer, but as an innovator in the world of ereaders, combined with the "world's best customer service", can only help their cause.

    The new Fire comes in 3 different editions. The 8.9", 4G Fire HD is available in 32GB ($499) and64 GB ($599) renditions. Also 8.9", the Wi-Fi Fire HD comes in 16GB ($299) and 32GB ($369) versions, as does the 7" Fire HD ($199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB). Leaving no stone unturned, Amazon has also released it's new Kindle Paperwhite Readers, starting at just $119. The specs of that new device are impressive to be sure, and include a new lighting display that looks very interesting. But we just couldn't take our eye off the new Fire HD, to be honest. We are betting that you, and anyone else who likes the idea of holding a small media powerhouse in your hands, can't either.



    Note: For more hot deals on electronics and more, head to CrazyTownDeals.com.

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    Choosing the right music can set the tone for your wedding

    When I heard Justin Timberlake serenaded his bride Jessica Biel at their recent Italian wedding, I could almost picture the crowd weeping.  That is a moment his bride will always remember.  Now we can’t all be pop superstars, but you can choose music and performers that will set the perfect
    tone to fit your personality.  For some that’s doing a classic wedding march down the aisle, a waltz for your first dance and sof jazz throughout the reception.  For others it’s an upbeat quirky tune to enter, a choreographed Lady Gaga routine for the first dance, and the “wobble” for all of your guests to get down to.

    Whether you enjoy a good chicken dance, electric slide or the twist, choosing the music to set the mood for your event is key.  Be it a live band, DJ or pre-planned IPod tunes, you can really control the tone of the party with the right music.  So choose what makes you happy, but also keep your guests in mind.  If 50% of the attendees are older relatives, you may want to throw in some classic tunes in addition to the top 40 hits for your friends.  Maybe start out more mellow and then crank it up as the night progresses and the older crowd departs.  Great Aunt Ethel may not appreciate a good Jay-Z beat as much as you think! 


    Can you sit in your wedding dress?

    For some brides, comfort is key when it comes to their wedding gown and how it fits.  For others, beauty is pain!  But there can be a balance when it comes to selecting a wedding dress that looks great and doesn’t suck the life out of you or bust a seam when you sit down.  Choosing the right silhouette is important.  A tight-fitting mermaid gown may look fantastic as you stand still, but you may look silly waddling like a penguin down the aisle because the dress is too fitted through the hips and thighs.  You also may not be able to “get down and boogie” in a mermaid gown.  And even
    taking a seat to enjoy your meal could be uncomfortable.  So think about what activities are important to you and be sure to choose a style that allows for the appropriate movement.

    If you like the look of a mermaid, but still want the flexibility to dance and sit, look for a fit and flare gown that shapes through the hips, but flares a little higher and doesn’t constrict the legs so much.  Or consider a sheath gown that is cut straight, but doesn’t hug the curves quite so much.  If you really love that fitted mermaid, consider a second reception dress that is short and fun or has a little more flow if you want to float around the dance floor with ease.  Yes, you want to look your best on your wedding day, but you also want to enjoy the day and not be numb from pain!


    Finding a "simple" wedding dress can be a challenge

    I’m constantly approached by brides wondering where to find a “simple” wedding gown.  Whether it is due to budget concerns or just the formality or location of the affair, some brides don’t want to be blinged-out from head to toe.  Others don’t want layers of crinoline, excessive fabric or trains.  And some just don’t want a formal dress at all.  They are looking for a short cocktail dress or even a long dress that has the simplicity of an evening gown.  And finding it can be a challenge…especially in white or ivory.  Sometimes they will get lucky and find one in the department or specialty stores, but the best idea for brides looking for simplicity is to find a store that carries bridesmaid gowns and order a great style in your favorite wedding dress color.

    Some bridesmaid manufacturers now even cater to the “informal” bride offering destination lines and little white dresses.  Jordan, the bridesmaid line I carry at Blush, has a line called Jordan Moments that features a Little White Dress line which is much less expensive than the traditional bridal collections.  They also offer most of their bridesmaid and mother of the bride gowns in shades of white, diamond white and ivory.  Of course, you’ll still need some time to order the gown and have alterations performed, but it’s a great option for brides looking for an easier style of dress for their laid-back nuptials.

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