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New Free Kindle Books + Top 100 Free Kindle Books Today


Don't have a Kindle yet, grab one here at Amazon.

Check it out Savvy Shoppers, we have more FREE Kindle book for you to enjoy this week. Grab them while their free. Want to know if it's worthy of even downloading to your Kindle? Why not read the Kindle reviews? Heck, before you download any free Kindle book I say check out the reviews. 

If you search the internet for "free kindle books", expect to find quite a few sites that will claim to offer free kindle books. Don't believe it Kindle fans. We can tell you right now, most of those sites are crap, and aren't genuine.  Most of those that show up after your google search are sites that ask for an up front fee. They give you nothing  that you can't find yourself for free. By the way, most of those scam sites will ask you for your credit card. Why would you need to give anyone your credit card number for a free book right? Search the internet for the site name.  Another dead give away for a scam site is there will be lots of fantastic reviews of nearly identical wording.

Here are some good freebies below.

  • The CO-OP Formula: When awareness and choice cooperate to create change
  • In the Line of Fire: How to Handle Tough Questions...When It Counts
  • Insights from Remarkable Businesspeople (Collection)
  • The Cerebellum: Brain for an Implicit Self (FT Press Science)
  • Trading on Corporate Earnings News: Profiting from Targeted, Short-Term Options Positions

  • Click here to see the top 100 FREE Kindle books available at Amazon right now.  The list of free Kindle books changes daily. Snap them up while their free. I've read a lot of articles on where the best resouce for free Kindle books are. It's Amazon of course.




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