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Birds on Fire - (Kindle Fire)



Birds on Fire

It happened when one day while I was sitting on my couch in my Angry Birds boxer shorts. I was playing the game of the same name on my Kindle Fire as my son looked at me from the other side of the couch and said, "dad, are you playing Angry Birds again?" I looked at him and smiled and said "yes son, I am." He winked at me and said "me too dad, me too". He was indeed playing the game, on HIS brand new Kindle Fire. It was at that precise moment (or maybe later) that I realized that I was hooked on Amazon.com.

You see, the grand total of our matching Fires was $399.98. I paid no tax, so don't strain yourself trying to figure that part out. As soon as our new devices arrived via 2 day UPS (free because I am a proud member of Amazon Prime - not to mention the Knights of Columbus) I registered the devices at Amazon and immediately downloaded free versions of every Angry Bird version I could find on to both of them. Yes, there were small ads with the free versions of the games. But who cares? I had managed to pick up a pair of tablets and loaded them with fun for less than the price of a single iPad!

I decided that in order to use the Fires to their full potential, I should perhaps consider the fact that they are "also" e-readers and use this fantastic technology to make a smarter child. I downloaded some books (for FREE, are you paying attention?) from my new favorite website on to my son's Kindle.. I got a book of fun facts about Troy Aikman, another about Jeremy Lin, and a couple of kids books. Why? Because I was going to improve my son's reading level, that's why. Did you leave to get a drink or something? And because I'm notoriously cheap - but that's just between us (and my wife, who doesn't agree with me that paper towels should be "reused").

Anyway, I'm hooked. I'm attached, addicted and deeply smitten with Amazon.com. When I get an Amazon Gift Certificate in my hands I run, not walk to the site to see what's hot. Then I buy it. Because you only live once. And because kids should be smarter and make you feel less guilty about using technology.

Enjoy the games!



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