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The Subwoofer Dilemma


The Subwoofer Dilemma

So it turn out I was driving my neighbors crazy. Not intentionally, mind you. But unitl recently, they were definitely going nuts. How did I accomplish this, you may ask? (or at least I hope you will or I'll have nothing left to do with my evening)

It all started with a really good deal on a subwoofer. I had built a decent surround sound system thanks to the Home Theater Department at Amazon. As is often the case, I had saved quite a bit of money by shopping there. I picked up a Yamaha receiver, Energy CF-30 Floorstanding Speakers for the front (I saved $130 on the pair!), and Polk Monitor 30 Bookshelf Speakers for the back. Finally, I added a Polk CS20 Center Channel speaker to make sure I was getting the dialog from movies the way it was supposed to sound. I saved about $250 over the best in store prices I could find on those and was very happy. Finally I had surround sound. Or so I thought.

I kept hearing from friends and people in the know that the only way to achieve true sonic perfection in your home was with a subwoofer. All of those other speakers put out bass, you see. But for movies, you really needed a subwoofer to properly hear an explosion, or a bass guitar, or dew drops falling from a blade of grass on a Spring morning. OK, that last doesn't have any bass I imagine, but I really felt like writing the words "dew drops" in a sentence for the first time in my life.

Anyway, I ordered my subwoofer from Amazon, of course. I got the Polk PSW110 for more than $60 less than they were selling for at my local "Big Box" (not to mention big price!) store. I hooked it up and basked in the glory of true surround sound. The amount of bass it kicked out was unbelievable, even at low volumes. I was in Heaven, until...

The phone call from my neighbor Doris came at about 6 PM on an evening last week. "Jerry, I don't mean to be a pain, but I can't take the boom, boom thing. Please turn it down" she said in her usually adorable but now almost angry German accent. "It's annoying" she said. To avoid an International incident, I sighed and turned it down.

So there I was, at a crossroads. I had built my beautiful sound system to give myself the joy of great sound. Only I couldn't turn it up. And as a former singer in a heavy metal garage band, that was something I could not stomach. I was stuck. And then, it came to me. The solution.

The very next day, based on the phenomenal user reviews at Amazon (which have never failed me in more than 300 purchases) I bought the JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones for the very low price of $35.50 with free shipping. In just 4 days they arrived at my home. I plugged them in, and cranked them up. And now I'm in Heaven. Again.

There are only two places I go now for electronics. To my laptop. And to Amazon.com. And how's my neighbor? I'll ask her when she wakes up from her nap.







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