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Is Apple fiddling while Rome is Burning?



Is Apple fiddling While Rome is Burning?

The most curious hype is going on about the new iPhone5. Is it about the hot quad core processor upgrades, new displays, new connectivity, new apps, new support; nope! All the buzz is about the new home button. What is the new shape? Is it still round? Concave or convex? Maybe even virtual which will leave space for a larger screen...

The Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June was sold out in seconds recently with everyone looking for iPhone launch details, so you do not have long to wait.

My issue is that all of the Apple buzz is around something that almost NOBODY really cares about! A HOME BUTTON? really? So the question is, Is Apple fiddling while Rome is burning? The fact is Apple might actually lose the LTE patent war and once the iPhone form/service package functionality is truly provided by 8 manufacturers, the price will drop like a rock and Apple will move on to innovate in another space.

So if your a "got to have the latest hyped tech geek" Get ready to buy! Your going to have a lot to talk about with your friends. I can see the Superbowl ads now.... apple geeks showing their new HOME button to friends that are less fortunate. Now Now..... don't hate..

Actually, we have an iPhone and love it, but when it comes time to replace it..

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