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iMac Attack (Apple Macbook Sale)



iMac Attack

You have to love a brand that becomes so powerful, so much a part of American life, and so darned popular that there are stores (not owned by them, mind you) dedicated to nothing but selling that brand's products.And so we give you MacMall...the self proclaimed "Number 1 Apple Superstore."

The most frustrating thing about the purchase of an Apple product has always been that the price is pretty much controlled, and retailers sell them for prices which are almost identical, down to the last penny. This makes it difficult it seems to find an iMac, iPod, or iAnything on sale. I have friends who shop at our site and ask if we ever find deals on Apple products. Thanks to sites like MacMall (and of course our pals at Amazon), the answer is yes.

Right now MacMall is having a 3 Day Sale on Apple Macbooks. You can get up to $749 off on new and refurbished Macbooks and free overnight shipping. If you don't think these deals are good you might want to head to your local Electronics store and ask them to give you a discount. You will very quickly see why we love sites like MacMall...

So head to MacMall for all things Apple and to pick up that shiny new iMac you thought you would never see on sale, or maybe some accessories for your new iPad or iPod. Tell them the guys at CTD sent you because they think paying full price for ANYTHING is just nuts. 

iMac Sale





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