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Kindle, Kindle, Kindle




Kindle, Kindle, Kindle

So I'm pretty much immune to all the Kindle hype by now. My wife bought the first one that came out a few years ago, and has been a big fan ever since. She's read everything from "...for dummies" books to Nora Roberts novels on it and swears that it's the greatest invention since the dryer sheet. But I never thought much of it. After all, I love to read, but I also love books. Actual books. Made of paper. I like to call them...books.

And so I resisted, reading with contempt the product description of the new Kindle Fire. I scoffed with bravado at the "7 inch full color screen" and the "multi touch" display. And the access to "20 million movies, tv shows, songs, magazines etc..." never even made me flinch. I have a laptop after all. And it's bigger, stronger and faster than any kindle and can do all of that stuff with greater flourish. So when my wife replaced her older model Kindle with the new Fire, I scoffed (I do that alot because it makes me feel temporarily superior to others.)

And then one day while sitting in my recliner working on my laptop, I looked over at my wife. She sat staring at the screen of her new Kindle Fire while wiggling her fingers like a crazy person. Suddenly,I realized what it was. I walked over slowly, not yet believing that it could be done. I looked closer. And it was true. She was playing Angry Birds.

The next day I ordered my Kindle Fire. I've been a happy man ever since.






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