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Will you keep your wedding dress?

Before even beginning to shop for a wedding gown, it’s important to think about what you will do with the gown after the glory that is your wedding day. Will you preserve it for your future daughter to wear (good luck with that), possibly donate it to a charitable cause, let it hang in your closet or stuffed in a box under your bed, or maybe you will consign it.

For those less sentimental and more practical brides, consigning can be an excellent option and it can play a part in going green by recycling! Heck you may even get to pay off some of those wedding bills with the proceeds from the sale.

A few things to take into consideration if you plan to consign….. 1. Keep all of your receipts and tags when you purchase the dress as it will help set a fair price when consigning. 2. Don’t make too many crazy alterations and leave as much hem and seam allowance in the gown as possible so it’s got the potential to fit other brides. 3. Take care of the gown when you wear it. Try not to roll around on the beach or drag it through the rain. The better shape it is in, the easier it will be to sell. 4. Get it cleaned immediately after the wedding. Stains that are not set in are much easier to
remove. 5. Research consignment shops and take it to the one that suits your preferences as soon as possible after the wedding. The more current the style, the better chance you have of selling it. Many shops are picky and won’t take gowns over a certain age.

So enjoy your gown, but it doesn’t hurt to think ahead about the gowns’ life after the party!


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Nobody in the family owns their own wedding dress. It's just not worth it. Design preferences vary too much and everyone agrees that pictures would suffice for the sentimental value.

I think i will keep it, for its will comes to be my treasured memory.

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