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What's a mom to wear?

When it comes to the attire for the Mother of the Bride, one word usually comes to mind: matronly.
The number one complaint I get from the fashion-forward MOB is that the gowns designed for them are just too frumpy and matronly looking. As the mom’s get younger and trendier, they are begging for age-appropriate yet fashionable ensembles to wear to their daughter’s (or son’s) wedding.

The classic two-piece dress with jacket is still a staple in the wedding world, but they can be found in more hip fits and fabrics these days. Boxy and boring has made way for flirty and fun, without going too sexy or upstaging the bride! Designers are allowing for classy looks with a bit of an edge including a variety of necklines, textures, draping, and of course a bit of bling!

Mom should still consult the bride to make sure her choice is appropriate for what the bride envisioned and that the color will complement the scheme of the wedding party. There is still a lot of boring suit dresses out there, but luckily the options are growing for the MOB.


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Life is measured by thought and action, not by time.

I have no idea.

No matter what mom wear, she is really beautiful.

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