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Add a special touch to your wedding gown

When shopping for their gown, some brides say to me, “I really want something unique and different.” They look in the Sunday newspaper and see the same boring strapless dress on 75% of
the girls and want to step out of the box without looking too trendy or quirky. There are ways to take a classic gown and make it your own without pushing the boundaries of fashion too far.

Some girls find a strapless dress they love, but aren’t so fond of the “strapless” part. A halter
strap, beaded spaghetti straps or even cap sleeve can usually be added to a gown to give the bride a feeling of comfort and support. Finding a coordinating fabric and seamstress is key. Look through magazines to show them styles you really like and bring in swatches of fabric to see what can be done.

Accessorizing your gown has taken on a new meaning with today’s bride. Not only are we talking
about jewelry, but many girls are adding colorful sashes or beaded belts to add a new twist and accent their small waists. This can be a do-it-yourself project if you are crafty, or a talented seamstress can help you make your accessory come to life. Websites like etsy.com are a great tool to
find accessories as well.

Another special touch might be adding an heirloom brooch or incorporating in some fabric like lace from mom or grandma’s gown into your gown. You may not want to wear her dress from the 70’s, but you may be able to find a way to work in a piece of it. Be creative and you can certainly make a
typical wedding dress a not-so-typical piece of fashion art!


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Nice idea.

What about colors? I heard more and more braids are getting tired of the same old white dress and go for pink, nude and even black and red dresses!
I think it's really cool, and you can really express your true self by using unique colors and accessories.

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