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I just clicked on this because I saw it on the Daily Press web page and was curious...and then I read it!

How about we actually pay for what we want with honest taxes. We aren't honest with out taxes, that's the problem. Our current debt crisis began in 1981 with the first budget of Ronald Reagan....tax cuts without the political spin to cut program. Why not program cuts? Because all of the Republican understood that they would be thrown out of office the next election because people actually WANT those services.

So, let's be honest with ourselves. We want the services that we (via the government) provide for ourselves. The government isn't an enemy or some other body, it's us. Let's start being honest with ourselves and paying for what we want instead of borrowing for it.

Come on John Cash...stop being a Republican hack...I had always thought better of you....

Johnny B. Rotten

Jon Cash, the false prophet.

Pandora UK

At the same time the national divorce is hovering around 50% for Christians and non-Christian households.

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We are to give to others without regard for what we will receive

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We've created a generation of debt

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