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Where was God in Japan?

I’ve spent many hours watching with horror the events unfolding in Japan. I know there are hundreds of millions of people around the world praying for those poor souls ravaged by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear scare. The images transmitted by CNN and Fox News have assaulted our senses and left much of the world feeling a lot less secure regarding our safety. At the time of this writing, the Japan reactors are near meltdown, radiation is spewing in all directions, and many thousands are fleeing the country. It is natural to ask, “Where was God? Why does He allow such human suffering?”

Of course the humanist pundits on television and radio are having a field day asking these questions with contempt in their voices. For some, it seems they are mocking God and those who are devoted to Him. They wonder with very loud voices if God cares about humanity and if He is all powerful. In fact, one interviewer on CNN asked a pastor this question. “Is God omniscient and all powerful and He doesn’t care about mankind or is He not all powerful but does care about us? It’s one or the other…so which one is it.” The pastor avoided the question altogether. I wish he had corrected the interviewer. I believe both questions can be absolutely answered with a resounding, NO!” Could it be that God is all powerful and He cares? Could it be that God loves us more than we could possibly imagine but still allow tragedies to occur? Yes, God can stop bad things from happening, yet, it is often not in the best interests of mankind for Him to intervene.

Michael Savage, a very popular American radio talk show host, was spewing many more questions than this. He challenged his audience of millions to answer this question: “If God is loving and powerful why does He allow Sunday School children to die in a bus crash?” Many spiritually-minded people called to respond to his question. Most of their responses were not very biblical which instantly infuriated the host. There seems to be a building anger toward God and Christianity across the country which flames have been fanned by this tragedy in Japan.

Allow me to offer a different perspective on this tragedy and on this previous question that I hope will sooth your soul and also enlighten you on the ways and character of the God of creation. God allows tragedies to occur. I say this because He is all powerful and can stop them if He chooses to do so. “Then why doesn’t He stop them?” many are sure to ask. God can use human suffering and tragedy to help us understand that this world is temporary and passing away. In other words, the end all of life is what happens after we die. The purpose of life is to prepare us for death. This world is not going to last forever and every soul placed on this earth by Him will physically die in the future. Yet death is not the end of the road, but rather, just the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Our life on earth is simply a spiritual test run of our allegiance to our Creator. He has placed us here to see if we will love Him. Will we seek our Maker and do what He says or will we go our own way and do our own thing? Many choose the later. Many, especially in America, have very easy lives compared to those across the globe. With an easy life comes the temptation to enjoy our life without any regard to the God who molded us in the womb. I have heard dozens of testimonies of people who have given their lives over to God ONLY AFTER encountering a very difficult storm in their lives. These storms are the catalyst to us shaking out of our self-reliant attitude and turning to a higher power for comfort. God uses these tragedies, including the unfolding story in Japan, to help people consider the afterlife.

The Bible clearly teaches that “He wishes none perish, no not one.” This verse is speaking of perishing in the afterlife. God loves us so much that He will orchestrate events on earth (even painful events) that will lead His creation (humans) to a life after physical death with Him. World class athletes will put their bodies through a plethora of pain to become their best. Children experience pain when they are disciplined; yet it is all designed to make them productive members of society. In other words, no pain, no gain! For some, the pain associated with the tragedies in life will bring us closer to God if we have a heart that is humble and moldable. For others, difficulties harden already haughty hearts which lead them to blame God and lash out at God and those who follow Him. God is more concerned with making us holy than happy. His ultimate goal is to help us seek Him in this life so that we can be with Him in the next life. God would be cruel if He created a scenario where He placed us in an easy, self-reliant world that never pushed us to think about the next world.

The Bible clearly teaches that the next world is real. Heaven and hell are as real as the moon and the sun. Heaven is reserved for those who turn their lives over to the Lord and hell is reserved for those who willfully reject Jesus. Some disagree with this. I understand. This is not my opinion but what the Bible teaches from cover to cover.

I wanted to answer the question posed by Michael Savage. But first, I believe we need to understand the nature of death. Many humans look at death as the end of the road and a cruel end to life itself. Death is viewed with fear and misunderstanding. Death is to be avoided at all costs. Yet, death is inevitable. Death should be viewed with joy and excitement. For the believer, death is the beginning of eternity with God. Death is the start of no pain, no suffering, no tears, and no disappointment. Death is the beginning of the rest of your life. Maybe, people fear death because they don’t know where they will be as they move into eternity. I believe that when an innocent child dies, they are immediately transported to heaven. Is it cruel they die and go to be with God? Is the earth really a better place than heaven? I don’t think so! God loves us and cares for us more than we could possibly grasp. It’s really not possible for a human being, created by an infinite, omnipresent, and omniscient God to fully grasp all of these truths. But it is our job to trust Him and believe that He has our best in mind, even when the world is falling in all around us. This is what trust is all about

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"Yes, God can stop bad things from happening, yet, it is often not in the best interests of mankind for Him to intervene."

I totally see your logic here...he definitely shouldn't prevent rape, starvation, violence, crime, natural disasters, inequality, inequity, injustice, sickness, diseases, baldness, obesity, cancer...Oh, and Hate crimes are Good also, because to get rid of those things would NOT be in the best interest of mankind.

And its FANTASTIC when a child is born to two moronic parents who are Not even qualified to raise a goldfish, because all of these things are NEEDED by mankind.

We actually need those horrible events to happen because mankind is SOOO much better with these things taking place.

I think Adolf Hitler also shared the same belief.


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