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Martha Hyde

I am hurt as I read the title. Why do they consider marriage as vanishing specie? I am not in favor of the "living in together" before the marriage. They should be blessed first before this stage.

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i highly believe that due to the vast variety of marriage issues and conflicts that is why only few only choose to get married and live in a house together. it is sad to note this part of reality.

Seaberg Sammons

It is made clearer there that God wanted for the man to have a helper and partner. SSM does qualify for this. They only also have the same purpose as those heterosexual people.

Katzman Pomeroy

This is such an informative post about marriage. I already know the story but I never get tired of reading it again. You gain moral lesson from it.

Lorraine Rasmussen

I agree with this that today people choose to be more self centered. And they forget what God wants to teach us about life, they choose to break rules in order for them to reach their hearts desire even it is forbidden in God's teaching. Like same-sex marriage, divorce and others that causes the deteriorating of morality in our society.

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