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What a lame blog...


Where is the blog representing other religions that are prevelant in the area?

Nancy Dickerson

I don't know, jsanchez...why don't you write one? I thank God for people like Jon Cash.


There is nothing wrong with Jon doing weather and also being a pastor!!! I have stopped watching Wavy TV 10 because of this. It is not a conflict of interest. What you decide to do in your spare time is your own business. You have been chosen to be a leader and a very good one. You have a big heart and you’re so spiritual, anyone that knows you should be honored to have you as a friend.


Spot on Jon! What you had to say is very true...
and by the way-who are we to judge? Unfortunately we can't make everyone happy, but at the end of day, I hope I made God happy.
Keep up the great work!


Finally someone writing something positive! Thank you Jon for your encouraging reminder!

Carla Petrillo

jsanchez, I'm praying for you. There is no other religion to represent. There is ONE God, who sent His Son to die for our sins then arise to live again in Heaven. ONE GOD, ONE WAY TO HEAVEN.

Vicky F

You are so correct. We all rush thru life with all the day to day madness and seldom just soak in the wonderful beauty that God has created for us. I hope that I can relax alittle and enjoy the beauty of the season. Thanks Jon for reminding me to do so!!!

jonathan m.

I thought the blog was great. I make the travel from norfolk to the burg everyday and Jon is right we all need to slow down at times. Great blog!

Kathleen Makepeace

we have moved from Hampton Roads to the foothills of the Blue Ridge. It seems much easier to not be rushed without the "busyness" of the Tidewater. But you really do need to take time to stop, listen and enjoy life no matter where you are. I found traffic jams a perfect place to pray, for me and for the people around me.


Awesome positive perspective that I can actually see myself accomplishing and effecting not only myself but other's through me. We do need to slow down and appreciate the wonderful things made just for us (wow). Just the other day I stopped to look at the sky & was reminded that it is His Word that STILL seperates the two waters!

Your blog today reminds me of what I teach..."Focus on the truth-not the facts." Yes, the fact is there's is traffic, but there's a more powerful truth that can be reflected on right where we are sometimes forced to stop & slow down.

I applaud you Mr. Cash and pray God's favor over your life, and that you are reminded to rely on Him through all adversity.

And to jsanchez, it's not about religion, it's about relationship. And even if someone were to take your perspective into consideration by asking you what religions are prevelant in the Hampton Rds area could you even provide statistics?

Susan Chadwick

I agree with Carla Petrillo, There is only ONE GOD, what else is there say....we should all slow down and take in the beauty of this world that God has created for us to enjoy... God Bless you Jon and for the wonderful work that you are doing for our Lord..You are such a loving and caring person and are not afraid to speak up for your beliefs...


Jon what you write is so true, you are doing a great job and keep on keeping on.Pay the negative no mind.Look at what they are still saying even today about Jesus.You are doing great in representing our Lord and saviour.Shake the dust off your feet and keep moving forward with what you are called to do.Im honored to be your friend

Lisa G Reed

I think the sad truth is that we are often too busy with all we do to stop and tell God how thankful we are for all we have and all we see.He took so much time in getting everything just right in this world and we can't even find a min to just lift him up and tell him thank you.
The Jewish believe and serve the same God as we Christians do. We Christians can trace our roots to the Jews. I am thankful especially for them.
Thanks Jon for reminding us to stop and take a moment to just be thankful and know how blessed we truly are

G. Watkins

As an almost 60 year-old grandma, I can look back and say "Why was I in such a hurry?" I missed some VERY important moments because I was trying to do too much, please too many people and juggle too many balls. You are so right Jon. If I had only learned earlier to slow down, listen to God and follow his leading I would have been so much healthier physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel certain that when we come to the end He would say "Well done my good and faithful servant." The love of our family on earth and those words from God are the only things that really matter. Let's get off the interstate once in a while, be quiet, and learn to live as God intended us to - happily ever after! Keep up the good work Jon and God bless you and yours.

Betty Byrum

To jsanchez: To address literally the location in Jon's blog, it's in America. And in America, we are "one nation under God"......."In God We Trust"....."God Bless America".....and the list goes on and on. To address the message of the blog, yes we move too fast through life, many times forgetting to stop and smell the roses. Take advantage of every opportunity, whether it be stuck in traffic, grocery store checkout line, walking the dog (especially before daylight when the sky is still full of stars). Find time to be still and know that HE is God.
Thank you Jon for reminding us of things we too often forget.

C. Bragg

Why is there any need to be negative? If you don't like the blog, don't read it. I can see commenting if something is offensive but I don't undersatnd how a spiritual blog could offend anyone. We all like to believe that 'our' religion is the one, true way to get to Heaven...I think God would find that to be arrogant and proud. There is room for people of all faiths in America and we need to respect each other's freedom to express it. Many people don't believe in God at all and we should respect that, too. It's not a contest, we don't have to be right...we just need to be respectful of each other and try to be decent people.


"Be still and know that I am God" is one of my very favorite scripture verses. Thank you Jon for reminding us to slow down and concentrate on what we are called to do in this life. I am so grateful for you and your blog, to help remind all of us how AWESOME and powerful and loving our God truly is, and if we are sitting in the car worrying about the traffic, listen very carefully and perhaps you will here God speak to your heart.


Jon, your analogies are always right on the spot! you make our God so relateable and accessible to those of us who need Him, and need to hear the Word.

G. Watkins

jsanchez, we'll be praying for you. The reason you think this blog is lame is because you are crippled by your unbelief. Not trying to cut you down or anything, just want you to know that someone is concerned for your spiritual well being. God bless you :D

Linda Steen

I think we need more people in this world like Jon. We take life for granted and we need to thank God each and everyday for what God has given us. And Jon I know that part of 64 your talking about the next time my husband and I go there I will tell him to think good things and thank God for all the things that God has blessed him with.

Rita  Cornelius

I absolutely seems as though each generation finds themselves busier than the generation before them. I see how fast my infant has just become 21 years old and two siblings right behind him. I'm still trying to cherish every moment while letting God remind me to do so. My husband and I have a great relationship with our Lord and Savior ...and because of this, we have a great relationship with our children ♥


Jon, So glad to see something positive for a change. Keep up the good work! God is pleased and so am I. You and your family are in our prayers.


Jon you are a warrior for God. Negative comments posted here are just more lost souls that are trying to deny the glory of God and what your calling is doing. What happened to you has brought your faith to light that shines brightly. The negative posters are wearing blinders so can't see the sunshine of our Lord & Savior. We (Christians) have to pray for them (non-believers) that they may one day share in the FACT that God is a loving, healing and forgiving God. God bless you Jon and your family as you lead the way foe others. Love in Christ, Tabitha Collins


i look forward to your blog .... do stop believin!

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