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Organizing Your Car

The family automobile has become an integral part of our lives.

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Some of us would argue we live in our cars.  And it appears the more space it has, the more stuff we carry in it.  If you transport young children, then the amount grows exponentially. 

With the recent empahsis on organizing, I have found there is a plethora of products to help us keep order within our vehicles.  The pictures above are some of those I found online but any automotive parts store or section in local box stores has them, too.  While I am all about using products designed for specific tasks, I think some everyday products we already have could be useful in containing and separating car stuff. 

One problem I have is keeping food from rolling out of the plastic or cloth grocery bags as I drive from the store.  Most are too full  or awkward to tie up and it seems every stop and go releases at least one item from those bags.  Some vehicles have hooks installed on the back of seats to hang bags, but since many do not, I am recommending using totes, boxes or bins with firm sides to hold those flimsy bags.  The totes that fold down flat when not in use are especially convenient.  One large plastic bin would keep several bags secure and can be used for sporting equipment, emergency supplies, etc.

For items you like to have handy while you are on the road, there are organizers that fit on the seats, between the seats and hang over the seats.  The style that hangs on the back of the seat in from of children seem to be popular for storing items children can access to keep them occupied and happy. I am certainly in favor of those.  I use a dishpan between the front seats in my van to hold a box of tissues, pens, paper, a toiletries bag (be prepared is my motto, too) and a water bottle.  It is waterproof and easy to move in and out.  Other specifically designed products have dividers to help keep items organized.  I recommend any of them, too. 

If attractiveness is a high priority or if your car is used for business and you want to apprear more professional, there are product lines that have matching sets of totes, boxes and bins.  These are good investments if you plan to keep and use them for longer periods of time. 

This discussion could not be complete, however, without mentioning the importance of maintenance.  Like any other space, it is important to continually monitor the amount and types of things in the car.  Clean out items you no longer need or use, eliminate trash that may collect in the containers and wipe up any spills before stains become a problem.  Even grit and dirt can accumulate causing wear and tear. 

Items that roll around in the car as you drive can be a distraction and even worse dangerous.  Containers are a great way to keep the interior and trunk of the car in order.  Find some that work for your situation and put them to use.   For more information or to contact us, visit our web page:  www.OrderlyPlaces.com


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

What you wrote here are cool organizing tips which helps a lot in how to organize things inside the car. Sometimes, if there's too much stuffs in it, you don't know how to start to declutter. This defnitely helps a lot, thanks.

Fresh out items you no longer need or use, remove junk that may gather in the bins and clear any leaks before spots become a problem.

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