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Hot in Style Spring 2012

Are you wondering what is hot in style right now, well we have found the answer...Birds! Home accents are paying homage to our fine feathered friends. You can find them on Rugs, Lamps, Pillows, Bowls, Ceramic Pieces and atop mirrors. So go out and get your bird on people!

Here are a few examples where you will see the bird trend at its finest.

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The spring style looks awesome, and the living room in the picture is really inviting and cozy. Though for people who's not really a bird lover, you can minimize the artworks on the wall.

I agree, the idea of having a spring theme is awesome. It looks good, just don't overdo your chosen theme.

The bird artwork suits the living room very well. It would be timely if you made your house look like this during spring. The designs are very artistic and eye-catching. It looks inviting and very attractive. Nice. It’s brilliant of you to come up with this very unique idea. Not everyone could make fine art like this work. Bravo!

Christian Traughber

Its Wonderful ! I have no word to say about anything about it.With this type of spring style your home will looks wonderful.

Awesom bunch of creative designs. I really like the white cupboard. Thanks for sharing this lovely ideas.

great interior design, the design is very creative and inspiring very wonderfull.

It is a perfect decor for your home and it is glad that there are still people interested in nature designs.

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