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Hidden Storage Spaces

If your space seems just too small for the things you need, then using hidden spaces is one way to stretch the storage or display space you already have in your home.

Many organizers do not support the use of under the bed storage, but I consider it one of those great hidden spaces. It is ideal for storing off-season clothing and other items that are not needed frequently. Currently there are many types of containers designed specifically for storing items under the bed and it is a good choice to use them. Most are wide, flat and covered and are usually made of fabric or plastic. Choosing one that is sturdy and slides in and out easily is important. If your bed is too clse to the floor for storage, bed lifts can be purchased to raise it up.

Another hidden space is behind entry doors to rooms. Most doors are placed in the corners of walls, but the door frame itself provides a narrow storage area when the door is open and a very accessible space when the door is closed. Racks can be placed on the wall itself or on the back of the door to hang many types of items. If you do not want to attach anything directly to the door, there are over-the-door style racks and hooks for nearly every type of item that needs organizing.

For those that have collectible items that are for display only, placing shelving above the windows is an option to expand display areas. Other spaces can be found on the tops of kitchen and bathroom cabinets that do not reach the ceiling and the tops of tall bookcases or chests.

Functional pieces of furniture can offer additonal storage space, too. Window seats and ottomans with storage under the cushions are a good choice as are coffee tables, end tables and night stands with shelving or drawers. Adding fabric skirts to sofas and chairs or hanging linens to the floor over tables also provides hidden space for storage. Board games, videos and other entertainment items can be kept there.

If you have adjustable shelving, you can reduce the wasted space above items by lowering the shelf above and adding a new shelf. Wire shelf racks and two tiered turntables are also options for adding space between shelves. Don't forget the space above the top shelf in closets. An additonal shelve can often be added above it to expand storage possibilities.

Some furniture can serve more than one purpose when moved to another room. Bedroom chests can hold linens when moved to the dining room, desks can be used as vanity dressers and china cabinets can become bookcases.

Let your creativity come forth as you organize, and let us hear about your innovative solutions. You can contact us through our website: www.OrderlyPlaces.com.


Cool idea, hidden storage spaces are great to organize stuffs at home while hiding them neatly. I'll share this post to my friends.

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Space. Can we ever have enough in our homes? Over the years storage space seems to shrink as life happens. We have children, buy furniture, clothes and lots and lots of stuff. Last I checked, wall stretchers were nowhere to be found. So how about the next best thing: some fresh ideas for storage space where you least expect to find it.

One of my favorite things to do around the house is purging and organizing. I believe organization will also help us save money if our space is organized. So much more if it would be our work space.

Ohh... mos of the house problem we encounter is that we don't have enough space.... That's why we find things to maximize some space.

I am so glad your article really helped me.

I have seen great ways that people utilize the space under their stairs as well. The clutter in my house has become out on control recently and we actually had to build a garage outside in order to store all the stuff that we don't use on a regular basis. I just checked out orderly places and I was wondering if they have a twitter account at all that I could follow as well?

s soon as I observed this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them

For me it was a no-brainer then; the service charge had to go.

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