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Transforming your Bathroom

Want to achieve a fresh new look for you bathroom, simple embellishments can do this without breaking the bank. The elements that will pull your design together are hardware and accessories. They are the crowning touches! The old rule no longer applies; your fixtures and hardware don’t all have to match. You can mix different materials like glass, crystal, brass, metals (bronze being a top choice) and textures together.


The overall design trend is moving towards a more transitional look which is very evident in hardware choices, focusing on clean simple lines, moving away from excessive detail and ornamentation. One of the manufactures classifies it as having an “Industrial Chic Touch with a Rustic Country Elegance.”

To make your design stand more apart from the crowd, change out your built in cabinetry for a free-standing decorative vanity. It’s like having a piece of furniture in your bathroom, giving it a more personal and original feeling.

Don’t forget about a new light fixture and if your budget allows, flooring. Vinyl flooring can mimic tiles and there are some very reasonably priced tiles to choose from in the market.

Making one or more of these changes can make a huge difference in your Bathroom.


Grace Ridley



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Organizing Tips for March


Spring arrives this month, at least on the calendar. Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 11th. Set your clock ahead one hour. This month we are concentrating on the attic and clothing.
  • This is the time to get indoor tasks finished so you can enjoy the outdoors as soon as the warm weather is here. Whatever the project, do not let it drag on or remain unfinished until next winter. Make that final to-do list and get it done.
  • The Attic. Unless you are storing items for another family member, the goal is to keep as little as possible in the attic. It is usually inconvenient to access and too hot or cold to spend time there. The extreme temperatures are also not good for many items to be kept there safely. In addition, you must take care to prevent invasion by critters.
If you are storing items for adult children or other friends or family consider asking them to retrieve them. Setting a deadline to have them removed or they will be donated may spur them into action. In my professional and personal experience, I have found that most people don’t really want them after being without for awhile. You may be surprised that is the case with items you may have stored for others.
For safety reasons and convenience, add lighting and secure floor boards in areas of the attic you must use.
For items you must keep, create zones for the types of items you are storing. For example, holiday items can be labeled and stored together.
If there are many items left to store after sorting, purging and cleaning the attic space, it is a good idea to create a map of where items are located. This will save much time when it is necessary to recover them.
  • Clothing As the days are longer and warmer, remove the heaviest clothing you will save to summer storage. This may mean to the back of the closet, to another closet or storage area, or out of the house permanently. If they will be part of a future yard sale, store them in the area set aside for that.
  • Winter clothing takes up lots of room in closets and drawers because they are heavier and have long sleeves. If there are items you did not use or those that children have outgrown, consider moving them out now.
    Clothing closets are one of the most frequently requested areas to organize. While there are great strategies to use in setting up closet systems, the biggest problem is too many items. Pareto’s rule applies here. You usually wear only 20% of your clothing 80% of the time. Being willing to let go of those items that you don’t wear, for whatever reason, will make the task of organizing the closet much easier.
    While consignment shops usually only take current season clothing, removed items can be donated to a charity or sold in a yard sale. Moving them out will give you more space for the items that you do love and wear.
    • If you have considered the possibility of having a yard or tag sale. It is never too early to plan and prepare for one. This month is the time to set the date and work towards that goal. May and June are great choices as it is not too hot and people are on the move. Consider going in with neighbors or friends to draw more customers onto your street.

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