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Organizing New Toys

The organizing process almost always requires removing items that are no longer needed. Most children and some adults have too many toys and many are rarely used. Consider removing now those that are no longer useful, that have become obslolete, those that have been outgrown, and those that are broken or in need of parts or repair. aking the time now to make space for the new items coming into the house this month will make the task of organizing after the holidays much easier.
This is also an excellent time to teach children to share and also make room for more appropriate items. Those that are in good condition can be taken to local charities or thrift shops. Taking pictures of the children with some of their favorite but no longer needed toys is a good way to remember the good times without all the clutter. And don't forget about the entertainment and hobby items no by adults. Replaced televisions, VCR, sport equipment, etc. and be removed and donated to make more space in the home and provide items for others less fortunate to enjoy.
Once the purging has been completed there should be space for the new things. The novelty of those will demand the most convenient space in the house for a while, but there should be a place reserved for them when the newness has gone. One general rule is to make children's toys easy to put away but more difficult to get out. Books are a good example of this. Those that are stored upright on a shelf are easy to pull out but more difficult to put back in order. A better choice would be to store them in a dishpan, bucket, tote, or basket. This makes the child look for the book he wants but will be easy for him to drop back in when he is done with it.
Actually most toys can be kept in open bins arranged on shelves and labeled so tht clen up is easier. Picture labels can be used for toddlers and large word labels for children learning to read. Hanging pockets and plastic stacking drawers are good choices for small toys such as doll clothes, matchbox cars, tain pieces and legos. Some special toys as well as CDs, DVDs and other collections can be stored in attractive boxes or baskets on higher shelves where adults but not children can access them. Other storage options are over the window shelving to display collectible toys, corner nets to hold stuffed animals, and totes on wheels to transport toys that can be taken to other rooms temporarily.
We learn from toys but they should be limited to the space available. Learning to live with limits is a good strategy for all of us and it makes keeping things organized much easier, too. If you need help with organizing tasks or have questions or comments, you may contact us through our web site: www.OrderlyPlaces.com or by email: maryfrances@OrderlyPlaces.com.


My husband's thoughtful Christmas gift to me was a storage unit (similar to the one pictured) with wicker baskets. When I opened it he told me I could organize all of our children's toys in the baskets. I looked at him like he was nuts. I believe my exact words were "if you're going to get me this for Christmas, I may as well use it for my srapbooking supplies and not the kids. Thanks for the great gift dear!"

The plastic stocking drawers is an ideal way of storing children toys. It certainly can solve problem of organizing children toys.

Master should be sometimes blind and sometimes deaf.

Although I am not younger anymore, i still like toys.

I have many toys in my home, after reading this article, i know how to organize them.

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No surprises that they all found homes. They are all just as sweet and huggable as can be. I love them all. So glad it was such a success for you.

This is a good attitude that we should teach to our kids. They should learn how to keep their new toys in their proper place. The sense of responsibility among kids should be developed as they play.

Great article.

Those that are no longer useful we give charity, which cares for children.

Sometimes when I am buying I dont know for who I am buying becouse I like to play with my kids and I must love that toy too :). Last years we are more buying magnetic construction toys. Today kids love magnetic toys, so I think and my kids love theme.

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