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Organizing Your Head and House


There is a relationship between the things around us and those in our minds. And I might add they can affect our bodies, too. The better organized the things in our homes, the easier it will be for our minds to remember where they are and where to return them. And when items are in their appropriate places, the space is safer for moving about and accessing them when we need them.

The reverse is true. How many times have we thought about where an item might be but could not find it because it did not have a permanent home. In fact, we may have created a bigger mess tossing other things around while looking for that one thing and created an unsafe environment by creating obstacles in pathways around our houses. And, continued frustration and stress will eventually take its toll on your physical body in the form of high blood pressure, etc.

While being organized is not a cure-all for a confused mind or health problems, it can make our days go by with fewer problems. We will not spend frustrating minutes or hours looking for items we need, we will not have to dodge items while walking around our homes, and we will not spend money on duplicate items because we couldn't access what we needed.

In the past few decades with a better economy, two incomes, the increase in electronic gadgets and lower priced consumer goods, we found ourselves loading our homes with so many things that we could not find room for all of them. Rather than remove those things we no longer used or enjoyed, we kept them because "we paid good money for them, we might need them some day, or they were a gift." The results are too many items for the space we have. In the past we may have opted for a bigger home with more space, but our present economy has made that option more difficult if not impossible. The only reasonable solution then is for us to deal with our clutter.

Getting and staying organized is a process, not an event. It takes work, that four letter word we often avoid. And it takes commitment, patience and change. None of those are easy to embrace but the results are worth it. Being organized frees up the time we would spend looking for misplaced items, it frees our finances from purchasing items we don't have space you keep, it frees our spaces so we can safely enjoy them and invite others to spend time with us. But most important are the personal feelings of accomplishment and the examples we set for those around us.

There are resources for help with organizing. Books, web sites, blogs and professional organizers are available with tips, strategies and creative solutions for organizing homes and offices. Getting started is the most important step. The team at Orderly Places has information to help the process begin. www.OrderlyPlaces.com


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