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Tips on Sending Holiday Cards

Since holiday cards are displayed so early and they are picked over long before it is time to mail them, now is the time to find the best selection. You will not have the discounted or sale prices for a few weeks, but the trade off is finding what works best for you. I have a few other suggestions.

1. Consider choosing one design for everyone and adding a personal note to make it special. Save one of the cards with the year written on it so you will know you have used it and when. If you keep left over cards from year to year, there is the chance you will send the same card to some of those who got it the previous year. Adding photos of the family are a good way to connect, too. These can be imprinted on the card if you plan ahead.

2. If you do not have time for personal notes in each card or if you want to add a family newsletter, make the newsletter short and sweet. The shorter the sweeter it is. While it is fine to mention you took a trip to Germany, you need not list every city you visited. If your child graduated from college, you do not need to list all of the awards and job offers. Tell the news but leave off the bragging. In addition, it will take time to read the newsletter and most people do not take the time to do that while they are opening the daily mail. One paragraph that you are alive and well on planet earth is fine. If you are not alive and well, keep the sad news brief. Creating your own newsletter allows you to insert the family photo on the page, saving the cost of having photos printed. Just remember, less is more.

3. Keep your address file up to date so cards are not returned because of incorrect address. And when you receive a card, check the return address to be sure that is the one you have on file.

4. Purchase "forever" stamps and resist the urge to buy holiday stamps unless you are sure you will use all of them. If the price of postage goes up, your "forever" stamps will still be accepted and you will not have to purchase or add those one cent stamps.

5. Consider sending short holiday greetings with your email distribution list. There are many sites that allow you to use templates, clip art and even animated scenes for your greeting. And of course, you can insert family pictures from your files. While not as personal as a hand written note, it is just as appropriate as a holiday newsletter. It uses less paper, thus reducing our use of it and it saves time and postage. More importantly, it does not create paper clutter. It can be saved to a file if especially nice or deleted.

6. If the holidays are too hectic for sending the personal greetings that you consider a priority, consider sending your greetings throughout the year. Use a checklist to be sure you include those people that are special to you and assign times throughout the year when you will write them. If it is not on the calendar chances are it will not be done.

Keeping in touch with those that are special to us reminds them of that. Connecting is an important part of maintaining any relationship. While it takes time and effort, the rewards are worth it.


Thanks Mary Frances - you gave some wonderful tips!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

sao in Midlothian, VA

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

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