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How Much is Too Much Stuff?

Those attending my presentations often want to know how much stuff they can have.  And my politically correct answer is always, “That depends”.  In fact it depends on lots of variables that are different for each person, each home and each space.

To begin, how much space do you have?  It is obvious that someone with a 3000 sq. ft. house can have more stuff than someone living in a 1000 sq. ft.  One client lived in a 300 square foot apartment in Japan for a year.  Almost everything she owned had to be put in storage but she was amazed at how little it took to maintain her life satisfactorily with so little around her.

Is your home safe?  Crowded hallways and blocked entrances are dangerous and can be life threatening.  Closets that are so full that items fall when the door is opened is a disaster waiting to happen, not just a funny segment on a sit com.  Are counters, tables and other surfaces so full of stacked items that it is difficult to cook or keep areas clean?   Unsanitary conditions are a health hazard. 

Can you use what you have efficiently?  Drawers, shelves and work surfaces should not be overcrowded so that it is difficult to find and use what you need. Too many utensils, linens, clothes, games, etc. makes it difficult to locate those you use most.    Rather than digging through piles, reducing the number of items will make it easier to find anything.

 Are you pleased with the way you see your home and spaces?  I suggest you take pictures of all of your rooms and spaces as they are now.  You will be very surprised at what you see.  We often cannot look at our things objectively because they have become common place or normal to us.  Pictures are a much more objective way to see things as they really appear.  

There is nothing wrong with having lots of stuff as long as you have the space for it and it is organized so you can find what you need when you need it.  In organizing, less is often more and if you have trouble deciding how to downsize or organize your space, contact us at 757-806-4008 or through our website at OrderlyPlaces.com

Buckroe Hoarder 


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